West Palm Beach Online Local Marketing

Oct 29, 2012

If local business owners need a nudge to get their local online marketing in West Palm Beach ramped up, consider this:

local searches are increasing on all three major search engines.

West Palm Beach SEOIn a post at Marketing Profs, the results of a Chitika Insights analysis of searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo revealed some interesting data.  The key points are:

  •  24.24 percent of Google searches are local (16.37 percent of those are mobile).
  • 28.81 percent of Bing searches are local (5.21 percent mobile).
  • 25.28 percent of Yahoo searches are local (15.95 percent mobile).

Simply put, about a quarter of all Internet searches are now focused on local content and information. Business owners, especially those who depend on or are seeking local traffic, have more evidence than ever of the benefit of adequate online presence and that they have focused some of their SEO effort on localizing their content to draw that search engine traffic.

One other interesting fact that arises from this data is that Bing and Yahoo are pulling more local searches.

Much of the SEO focus for most businesses is linked to Google which is logical as it continues to be the leading search engine. Still, the effort needed to give some attention to Bing and Yahoo search ratings deserves consideration and since the two have similar algorithms, it will not require too much additional work.

Your Clients are Searching for YOU Online

One of the big reasons many smaller local businesses have not fully embraced Internet marketing has been the contention that their target audience is not using online searches to find them. Good chance that is no longer true. Your friends across town, other local businesses, and even your current customers are using the Internet to find you and to learn more about you.

If you want to learn more about how you can capitalize on local search marketing in Jupiter, West Palm Beach or whatever your local area, and establish a stronger online marketing presence, contact Webmanna!