Florida Workers Compensation Attorney

May 27, 2010

A local radio celebrity and an nfl agent, attorney Lyle Masnikoff is a busy man who wanted a clean classy site for his law firm.  Working for the people, Lyle wanted to be personable and approachable on his website, just like he is in life.   There are quite a few calls to action on the site.  From the Read More buttons and the quick form to the large Get Help Now button.  It’s clear this is a site of action and this attorney and his team are ready to help! The contact information is found on every page of the website, and so is the reminder of no fees unless they recover.  There are also several different languages used on the site to help serve the diverse market Masnikoff and Associates reaches.  We are very pleased with the site and so is Lyle.  Next is an SEO campaign so his site can be found first page on google for most likely searched terms.